WP6 meeting, 30th January 2018 in Aveiro

The main partners of WP6 (AMMR, AU, NTUA and NTNU) attended a meeting in Aveiro. The WP6 goal was reconfirmed and, during the project life, Bauxite Residue (BR) must be treated in Pilot tests, but prior to that the functionality of the method must be assured.

The actions established for the near future were:

NTUA will start working with Bauxite Residue in suspensions in a small electrolytic cell, and will be collaborating with UAVR in this task.

AMMR will undertake the construction of a pilot cell to be installed in NTUA and samples of residues will be sent to UAVR.

NTNU will restart activities from iron oxides and ferronickel residues.

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